Stove Centre Glasgow
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More heat in your home, less spent on energy bills

It's a fact that your open fronted gas or coal fire could be sending as much as 75% of the heat it produces right up the chimney, with only 25% being retained in your house. By switching to a wood burning stove from the Stove Centre Glasgow, you could retain 45% more heat in your home with an 89.8% efficient stove. And that means a massive reduction in your energy bills. You could even cover the cost of your new wood burning stove within 2 years.

We stock the Burley Fireball, a wood-burning stove range described as "the most efficient in the world". Pop into our showroom for a demonstration on how to make your home warmer while slashing energy bills.

More heat in your home, less spent on energy bills Burley Fireball

The Stove Centre Glasgow, Unit 4 Queenslie Point, 120 Stepps Road, Glasgow, G33 3NQ. Fantastic location, Junction 11, M8 next to Glasgow Fort. Plenty of free parking. Telephone 0141 483 9398 or 01389 892300.